Followers Ratio on Instagram Affects the Product’s Brand Awareness

Darel Nicol Luna Anak Agam


In this era of technology, social media influencers through Instagram has become an asset for certain products and services which can give huge revenue stream for the company. This social media influencer will get paid to promote a brand or its products to their followers on the platform in many cases, for thousands of dollars per post (Milnes, 2016). Social media influencer is the new term for celebrity endorser which this particular person will endorse and promote the product that has been assigned by the respective company. Apparently for social media influencers’ who have large follower counts will become more valuable which can guarantee the amount of viewers that will see their content through Instagram. Similarly, this routine can boost the brand awareness if the number of “likes” on their posts increases (Milnes, 2016). Accordingly, higher numbers of followers may result in larger reach of the message (Talavera, 2015). Therefore, having thousands of followers through Instagram apparently increase the likeability of the products (Dobele, et al., 2016). Apart from that it will effect higher perceptions of popularity because this higher perception of popularity leads followers to contribute more critics and perception from the social media influencer toward the brand of the products and services (Milnes, 2016). A high number of followers may lead to higher perceptions of popularity, and subsequently higher likeability Cheong, B. (2017). Contrast to that followers are without doubt important as they will interpret the content, but quantity does not equal quality and a small audience of engaged users is worth more than a large audience of less active users (Anger and Kittl, 2013). Findings from this research, it shows that Instagram influencer with high numbers of followers is considered more likeable and has the chances to transform the potential customer to customer. Therefore, for this research, two Instagram profiles that have different ratio followers have been analyze for the purpose of this research. Instagram “A” has 7112 followers and 826 following, whereas Instagram “B” has 874 followers and 734 following. The ratio for each instagram followers ratio are 7112 followers: 826 following for Instagram A and for Instagram B is 874 followers: 734 following.

Aus. J. Acc. Eco. & Fin. Vol 3(2), Oct 2017, P 85-89


Brand Awareness; Instagram; Social Media; Instagram Followers

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